Friday, August 27, 2010

Harry Potter House Scarves

Ask the sorting hat what house you're in...


(depending on if you’re following the book or movie)

A- Yellow
B- Black


I am not an expert on tunisian crochet, so here are some excellent resources for the tunisian knit stitch. (also shows basic return row)

L Hook

Solid Section:
With A, Ch 14. Working in the tunisian crochet knit stitch (tks), insert hook in 2nd ch from hook, and complete the forward row. Complete a basic return row.
Continue in this pattern with A until section measures 6.5 inches long finishing with a forward row.

Color Changing Section:
Pick up B and complete return row.
Row 1 Forward: Pull up stitches to the left.
Row 1 Return: Yarn over to the right.
Row 2 Forward: Pull up stitches to the left.
Row 2 Return: Yarn over to the right.
Row 3 Forward: Pull up stitches to the left.
Row 3 Return: Drop B and pick up A

Repeat Color changing section with A and then again with B

Change to A and repeat solid section (measures 6.5 inches)

Repeat color changing section again.

Continue in this pattern until you have the desired scarf length of your choice!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Crafts

I'm trying my hand at pacifier holders. I know there are a few tutorials out there, anyone have a good one? I couldn't get past the concept that I HAD to use a snap setter. A good old fashion hammer worked just fine for me. What do you recommend for the clothing clasp part?
If you're interested in a tutorial, let me know and I'll try to whip this one up.