Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Earth Day Shower Scrubbie

Someone shared this fabulous idea and instructions with me at an Earth Day Fair. The woman was very nice and was passing out the instructions to anyone interested. I can't find any info on ravelry or anywhere else on the internet to link it to her, but I would like to give her credit.
Thank you Earth Day woman!
This can be knit or crochet, just follow the instructions to create a string of “yarn” with the bag. Then use your desired hook or needles and create your scrubbie! Rounds, rectangles or squares all make great scrubbies. She also told me this was better than a washcloth because it doesn't hold in bacteria.
These are the instructions. I absolutely love her hand written ideas and drawings. If you click on it you can see a closer view that is easier to read. If you have trouble reading the instructions let me know and I'll write them out.

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Kristen said...

That is a really cool idea. There is a company that was featured on Oprah that makes all of their products from 'trash'. They literally go to landfills and pull random stuff out and make things from it. Such a great idea.